"Here's What Others Are Saying About Communication Secrets Of Powerful People..."

"I Am Aware Of The Things That Go Wrong..."

"I worked through the first four chapters and what I notice is that I am aware of the things that "go wrong".

It was amazing last week. I was on a one week holiday with my friend and his sister. There were a lot of situations to practice. Wow!

1. I am "very good" in criticizing. Well every time when I start thinking or talking a word in the direction of criticizing I take a break. I even felt very consiously how it feels to be critized. And my reaction on the critic of other persons to me also was principly very painful.

2. Wow - I am labeling. I did not know that even if you think "labels" you are labeling. I stopped labeling in words (with friends on a terrase e.g.) years ago. But in my mind especially overweight people instantly get a label.

3. Diagnosing is one of my favorites. Yes, I am an expert in "helping people to say how they can solve their problems". Great you put my face on that. I stopped it immediately and am practicing your tips. Thanks a lot.

4. But the best thing up to now was the chapter about Praising. I learned from my father not to praise. That makes no sense because when you praise people they think they are very good and do not work that good anymore. You have to know that my father owned a shoe factory. I cannot remember that I ever got a praise either from my father or from my mother.

Well when I started my own business (about 25 years ago) I copied that behaviour and never really praised my employees. I always was afraid that when I praise them they would ask for more money.

Now I know better. I already started praising my boyfriend. I started praising some people and it has an amazing effect. I do take your advice and do not overpraise. I also pay attention to be natural and not overdone. It still is a very new feeling but the reactions are so positive that I will continue praising.

I am very curious about the next 8 chapters. And once I have finished the book I'll start over again.

Thanks for this big instrument. Keep me posted.

Angeline van der Hejiden from Mallorca, Spain

"Really Helpful, Supportive And Life Changing Perspective That I Really Needed In Order To Correct My Communication Problems...""

"Hi Joshua, I am reading your book it is really helping me a lot, and it's a great read.

I am really gaining knowledge and a great deal of insight from it. I am taking notes like crazy and have been implementing as of the moment I received it.

I will keep you informed of how it is impacting my life and relationships, so far I feel like it is going to create a much happier life.

Just a note to to thank you very much for really helpful supportive and life changing perspective that I really needed in order to correct my communication problems.

I never realized how many of them I had until you came along, and I thank you for pointing them out (all twelve of them, I need lots of work.)

Thank you so much, and best to you.

Deborah Ruth

"Feel The Effects In Almost All Instances I Have Applied..."

"Hi Josh, I have read (or understood!) the first 4 concepts till now. Of course I have experienced all 4 of them. I became more observant of myself and feeling the self-transition and family members' impact.

I am pleasantly stunned at the insight in almost every other sentence and wonder at your perception and how you could write that way.

"Reality is not the truth", how and wow true! As of now the feeling I get is that the book is packed with insight.

Somehow I am able to integrate concepts (seemingly simple though elusive) and feel the effects in almost all instances I have applied.

Thanks for writing to me.


"Unravelled The Hidden Mysteries Behind The Communication Skills..."

"Indeed you have unravelled the hidden mysteries behind the ommunication skills and I feel I could have really changed my life and led a meaningful life, had I been able to secure the true nuggets of gold( THE COMMUNICATION SECRETS) during the dark periods in my life.

Josh, I am thankful to you for enlightening the inquisitive minds all over the world and I pray to God that such great wisdom as elaborated in your book and website reach the millions of confused minds drowned in drug addiction, alchohol, cruelty to mankind etc.

Warm regards

Israel Joel from Chennai, South India

"Finding The Information Very Helpful..."

"It's such a comprehensive folder that I am taking it very slowly and highlighting the points that are relevant to my situation.

My partner and I have had problems in our relationship and we have narrowed it down to communication. I'm finding the information very helpful and am trying to absorb as much as I can.

I think the most powerful thing that has stood out for me personally has been that you need to be "aware" of things. Being aware means I don't react the way I used to. "Awareness" and a shift in attitude is very self-empowering.

I had a situation just this morning with my partner, where we spoke on the phone about something that happened yesterday and I got off the phone feeling a little confused and frustrated.

After a quick attitude adjustment I thought that it was not worth stewing over and sent him a quick text. My morning has been going quite well thus far and I'm feeling better about the whole thing.

Thanks for checking on my progress, I appreciate it. It really is a wonderful book and I'm certain that it will help me become a more successful communicator. Have a great day :-)

Kind Regards

Nadia Gabriel, Personal Assistant to General Manager (Maroochy RSL Club)

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